Mind Carved Creations

A Creative Media Team

A promotional video for the exciting new toy Box 'O' Zombies. Commissioned and created before the formation of Mind Carved Creations. The video was directed and edited by Mike DiMaso. The promotional copy was written by Sean DeDecker and Steve DiMaso.  

In Summer of 2013 while Mind Carved Creations was still just an idea and Monkey Eye Productions reigned supreme Steve DiMaso, Alex Rott, and Mike DiMaso entered the Milwaukee 48-Hour Film Fest. Their submission NeverQuest, a tale of inept fantasy avatars who escape their lives by role-playing as every day people, won the Audience Choice Award as well as an award for Best Costumes. 

The final creative production for Monkey Eye Productions before separating their content creation team into Mind Carved Creations and turning Monkey Eye Productions into a professional videography brand. Empire Wars was an entry into the 2014 Chicago 48-Hour Film Festival. The story of two super fans who go back in time to stop their favorite film maker from starting down a path that will ruin their favorite franchise is sure to make you mourn your favorite film series that have fallen from grace.   

The first official production under the Mind Carved Creations label wrapped production in mid-September and is slated for release at the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017. The short film marks the team's first venture into horror and tells the story of three archaeological grad-students who discover a mystery artifact that puts them on the government's radar and has other unexpected consequences.