Mind Carved Creations

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Production Schedule for Mind Carved Creations 2016-2017

Production 12/16 - Reclamation (2017) - In the last shoot for the year Mike DiMaso will be directing this sci-fi short teaser that is meant to give the audience a taste of a larger future project. The script was written by Steven DiMaso.  

Release 01/17 - The Artifact (2016) -  Jameson Cooper and Brian Watson discovered something strange while they were on their semester abroad in Peru. Now the artifact they smuggled back from their trip is influencing their lives in unexpected ways.

Release 03/17 - Reclamation (2017)In the future Earth has made contact with an intelligent race just outside of our solar system. After a horrible human-made disaster decimates the future population of the alien race human children must be surrendered for genetic reassignment to keep the peace and replace the lost aliens. Human agents and alien-made androids are tasked with collecting the children who are selected. Those who refuse to give up their children are targeted for Reclamation.

Production 05/17 - Yesterday's Shadow (2018) - The most daring production ever undertaken by the Mind Carved Creators this far-future sci-fi short film is CGI intensive and will allow Post-Production Director Alex Rott to show off his skills. The script was written by Steven DiMaso and the film is being directed by Mike DiMaso. 

Production 08/17 - 20 for 20: The Road to Victory: The Tony Vespucci Story - This sports mockmentary is slated for production in the Fall of 2017 and deals with the high stakes world of competitive floor hockey. The sports action sequences will provide an interesting challenge for director Mike DiMaso. 

Release 10/17 - 20 for 20: The Road to Victory: The Tony Vespucci Story (2017) - Tony "Pooch" Vespucci is the best ball hockey player to ever play the game. Despite his skills he's never obtained the coveted Grunk's Cola Margaret Thatcher Memorial Championship Cup the ultimate prize for a true ball hockey player. However, after a critical injury costs him his championship and possibly his career he must go on journey of self-discovery as he tries to relearn the sport he loves from square one. 

Release 02/18 - Yesterday's Shadow (2018) - Jarek, an intergalactic bounty hunter, follows the trail of the an infamous terrorist to small planet of Kyran 12 where the two must find a way to work together to survive the harsh conditions and native creatures.